Operates without electricity or batteries

To as low as 5°C

In 20 seconds

Up to 16 liters of beverages

without replenishing cooling agent

Without dilution caused by ice

Without contamination by ice

(faecal coliforms and heavy metals, enteric bacteria, yeast and moulds)

Maintaining freshness purity, quality, taste and hygiene

No wastage

(Chills only required amount of beverage )

User friendly and portable

(comparatively light , around 5-6kg, and small in dimension)

Saves energy

(without electricity or batteries)

Exclusive rights due to patent awarded

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The Handy Chiller: A patent-awarded, non-electronic, portable device that rapidly chills beverages from room temperature to 5-16°C in just 20 seconds. Its lightweight and robust design ensures beverage purity and freshness without dilution or contamination by ice.

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